Before the Fall

Before the Fall
by Michelle Biyal

I often hear people appreciating the diversity of San Francisco. This city is rich with layers of  passions and points of view and we know how to get along with each other, for the most part.  A diverse community is a healthy community as it is able to respond to changes quickly.  The more we are able to accommodate each other’s differences the better we are able to share each others strengths.

This painting was inspired by William Morris and the Aesthetic Movement.  “Before the Fall” is hanging at the Swig Building, 220 Montgomery Street in San Francisco until November 16, 2012

Bee all you want to Bee


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2 thoughts on “Before the Fall

  1. Lisa Andersen

    What a treat to find this lovely William Morris image brought to my attention quite by surprise! I’m a big fan. Nice selection, Michelle!

    Good point about tolerating one another’s differences being a foundation of tapping one another’s strengths. Something to keep in mind when it can seem like an insurmountable step to move beyond tolerating differences to actually embracing them….

    • Hi Lisa,
      I’m so happy you enjoyed the post and even more delighted you think that’s a William Morris piece. Thank you!

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