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Inspired by Martin Luther King

I believe I am somebody. Holding the ink of humanity, I write my own emancipation proclamation.


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Cupid & Psyche

Sending Cupid and Psyche to Wrap the World with Love, Peace and HappinessRed Love Web

Beeall Designs has been exploring stencil making and discovering inspiration in Greek Myths.

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Happy Mother’s Day Y’all

   May flowers always line your pathWild Rose Biyal

   ~ and sunshine light your day.

   May songbirds serenade you

   ~ every step along the way.

              ~ Irish Blessing ~


________ May 10, 2015 ________

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Metal Free Body

Heal Bone Screws & Plate

Heel Bone Screws & Plate

February 17, 2015

I had a strange experience in the OR. Rubin, the nurse, had his back to me, futsing with something on a rolly table. Kirsten, the anesthesiologist, on my other side was also futsing with something. I was sitting up looking around the room which had lots of big equipment. I was squinting, without the support of my glasses, noticing how I felt like I was in a quiet, lonely, storage warehouse. The next moment I can’t see, I’m laying prone, I smell fresh air from outside and feel myself rolling, I believe down a hallway. “It’s all over.” someone said. “It’s over?” I asked, “Yes, it’s over”.

My immediate response was deep, gentle relief. I tried to open my eyes as the open window passed far too quickly but more importantly, I treasured that feeling of gentle relief close in my heart. I’ve referred to that feeling many times now. It’s like a soft exhalation which has no ending. It is salvation.

After my eyes opened, after the wave of nausea passed, after I enjoyed the taste of a couple dry, saltine crackers, I was handed a white plastic bucket, the kind you would expect to hold potato salad. The nurse said, “Here’s your hardware.” This was the moment of truth… just how bad was it? I pulled off the lid and I was triumphant! Ha Ha! Life has got to be better now! After walking on those blasted screws for 17 months, life has just got to be better! Now I have ten, one inch holes in my heel to fill up with soft, spongy bone. What a blessing it is to walk on the earth with forgiving, living bone. Bodies are amazing amazing constructs. They are built perfectly for making contact with and moving through the physical world. What a blessing to be in a metal free body!

Hip & Foot Screws

Hip & Foot Screws

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Beeall Designs in Oakland Museum of California

We’re pleased to announce our Oak Stick Candles, requested by the Oakland Museum of California Shop, have been designed, made and delivered.  A mold for six candles was made from a single oak branch.  The Oakland Museum selected one pair to carry in their shop.  After seeing Jeffrey’s six inch oak stick candles a pair of ten inch candles were requested so the shop would have beeswax candles available to patrons during the museum’s exhibit, “Bees: Tiny Insect, Large Impact”, which will be open from January 31 – September 20, 2015.  The selected pair is available exclusively at the museum but the other two pair are available on Etsy.  The museum will also carry some bee hive and bear candles.  If you’re in the Bay Area please visit the Oakland Museum, enjoy their beautiful exhibit about Bees and look for Beeall Designs in their shop.

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Nosey Posey Dawn

Nosey Posey Dawn

Nosey Posey Dawn
Beeall Designs

Foundation of Beeall Designs

Foundation of Beeall Designs

Sept. 30, 2013

Nosey Posey Dawn was born today.  She was just a zinnia until  an over zealous leaf transformed into a nose plugged into an apple.   We hope Nosey will be followed by many more “cloud people”.   Michelle is painting and Jeffrey is brewing honey mead as we recover from our bicycle accidents with two broken hips and a broken foot.

Home Studio

Home Studio

Enjoying the Process

Enjoying the Process

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At the Flyway Festival, February 2013


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The Little Engine that Could

ImageDirection, Adventure, Voyage, Life

June 1, 2013

Dreaming of far away lands and distant times.

Beeall Designs is evolving, as do we all, with the events that occur in our lives.  Jeffrey has been recuperating from a close encounter with an SUV.  Since his hip was broken at the end of  February, we haven’t been attending marketing events.  I’ve been enjoying a more introspective phase, painting and dreaming of ways to develop this skill to serve my community.  What does my community want?  Well, this is why I’m making a new post and figuring out how to add pages to this little web blog site.  An entrepreneurial venture is a voyage, just as life is a voyage.  We do the best we can with what is available.  So here we have some new views for you to see the different facets of Beeall Designs.  We hope you’ll enjoy looking at our new pages, “Candles” and “Honey Mead”.   We would love to hear from you.

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Egrets, Buddhas, Shells & Sticks Coming to the “Flyway Festival”

Egret & Sticks 2

New Egret & Stick Candles

Jeffrey has made molds from sticks.  I made a mold inspired by a delicate, base relief of a bird (I believe it’s an egret) which I found in a book of Greek art.   This is our first time making our own molds.  The candles smell so good, like honey.

Jeffrey also made a fresh batch of mustache wax (with Shea butter and amber) in the shape of shells.  We also made tiny Buddha candles from the chocolate mold our friend Della gave to us.

We’re very excited to be sharing our new candles at the Flyway Festival this weekend, Feb 9 & 10.  Please come if you can, enjoy the nature preserve with others who are excited about migration season in the Bay Area

Buddhas on the Beach

Buddhas with Mustache Wax

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We would love to hear from you,



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San Francisco Flyway Festival: February 8-10, 2013


Egret Candle Mold

Beeall Designs is preparing for the San Francisco Flyway Festival to be held February 8-10, 2013 on Mare Island in Vallejo CA.   We’re preparing an Egret candle to offer at this gathering of nature and art enthusiasts. The Flyway Festival is an opportunity to share the joy of the migration of shorebirds, waterfowl and other wildlife through San Pablo Bay, the largest bay in the San Francisco Bay Estuary,

This event is hosted by the Mare Island Nature Preserve, located on the Mare Island Naval Shipyard.  Established in 1854, it is the oldest Naval installation in the Pacific and much of the developed portions of the Island have been designated as a National Historic Landmark.

We would love to see you there.  For more information visit:


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