The Little Engine that Could

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June 1, 2013

Dreaming of far away lands and distant times.

Beeall Designs is evolving, as do we all, with the events that occur in our lives.  Jeffrey has been recuperating from a close encounter with an SUV.  Since his hip was broken at the end of  February, we haven’t been attending marketing events.  I’ve been enjoying a more introspective phase, painting and dreaming of ways to develop this skill to serve my community.  What does my community want?  Well, this is why I’m making a new post and figuring out how to add pages to this little web blog site.  An entrepreneurial venture is a voyage, just as life is a voyage.  We do the best we can with what is available.  So here we have some new views for you to see the different facets of Beeall Designs.  We hope you’ll enjoy looking at our new pages, “Candles” and “Honey Mead”.   We would love to hear from you.

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